Treatments List

Bones and Joints
Damaging, injury or disease to our bones and joints can have a damaging effect on our health wellbeing and life-style; our dedicated medical team of orthopaedic staff can you back on the road to recovery.


· Shoulder arthroscopy
· Sub-acromial decompression
· Shoulder replacement
· Reverse shoulder replacement
· Revision shoulder replacement
· Rotator cuff repair
· Sports injury
· Superior capsular reconstruction
· Shoulder trauma including dislocation


· Elbow arthroscopy
· Golfer’s elbow release
· Tennis elbow release
· Elbow replacement
· Revision elbow replacement

Hand and Wrist

· Dupuytren’s fasciectomy
· Carpal tunnel release
· Trigger finger release
· Wrist arthroscopy
· Wrist replacement
· Nerve injuries


· Hip replacement
· Revision hip replacement
· Hip arthroscopy
· Repair of labral tear and impingement
· Peri-acetabular osteotomy


· Knee arthroscopy
· Meniscal repair
· Meniscal transplantation
· Osteotomy for malalignment
· Patello-femoral replacement
· Unicompartmental knee replacement
· Total knee replacement
· Bespoke total knee replacement
· Revision total knee replacement
· Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction
· Posterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction

Foot and Ankle

· Ankle arthroscopy
· Ankle arthrodesis
· Ankle replacement
· Bunion surgery
· Lesser toe surgery
We provide a range of private therapy services. These include physiotherapy, hydrotherapy or occupational therapy. You can access these services during your stay if you have surgery with us, or can be booked as an outpatient appointment.
Scans, x-rays and investigations
Our technological support is of the highest quality, with private diagnostic services including ultrasound, plain film x-ray and MRI imaging