JCW About Us

JCW is situated on the Wrightington Hospital site. We have built on their tradition of being a centre of excellence. We work with some of the leading surgeons and experienced nursing teams in the country, which results in excellent clinical outcomes for our patients. We have access to state-of the-art technology and our investment in research means that we are at the cutting edge of new techniques, which means that you will be back to health and back in action quicker.
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JCW stands for the John Charnley Wing. Professor Sir John Charnley was a pioneer in Orthopaedic Surgery. He developed hip replacements and performed the first hip replacement operation in 1962. His other seminal work involved the development of the clean air operating theatre, which dramatically reduced the rate of infection associated with operations. Professor Sir John Charnley is still an inspiration for our staff today, who are passionate about continuing his legacy of innovative research and achieving clinical excellence; providing patients with the best care available.

We are proud of being part of Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust and by using your private medical insurance, this further supports the Trust and the NHS as a whole by reducing waiting times and allowing more NHS patients to be treated.